SIDING IS WHAT WE DO! - offering the best in vinyl siding from Exterior Portfolio, Alside, and Exteria.  Insulated siding by Crane, Fiber Cement siding from James Hardie, and cultured stone from Versetta - we pride ourselves in providing you professional products as well as un-matched turn around time in quotes and delivery.

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Since the beginning of foam backed siding products in 1990, there have been a lot of folks jumping on board. While that is good for the consumer, only one Company has managed to continue to move forward and separate itself from all others...

Only Crane Performance Siding, now changed to Exterior Portfolio by Crane, uses and Extruded Foam System with an integrated moisture management system.  Water and rain will get behind all siding products, some more than others, but isn’t it comforting to know it won’t stay behind ours!  Making your home safer for your family. 

Solid Core siding also provides you with 53% straighter walls to ensure a lifetime of beauty and performance.  Backed by an industry Leading LIFETIME OF THE HOME warranty.  A No NONSENSE approach...if it is supposed to last a lifetime why limit it to one homeowner?  Ask your other companies if they will say that...  Warranted against day to day risks, like weed eaters, rocks from lawnmowers, and even golf balls for those who live on the course.

Designer Soffit

Insulated Siding

The only Insulated Siding System designed and engineered to  help control the moisture that can harm your home.  Our exclusive channeling system ensures all wind driven rain that gets behind your siding . . .

        GETS OUT!

Performance Features


•  Authentic, straight-face design with hand-milled cedargrain beauty

•  Smooth interlocking edges keep seams tight for a continuous look

  1.   No painting. No scraping. True Maintenance Freedom!

  2.   R-Value up to 2.5 depending on profile

•  Smart Core™ Insulation engineered to breathe and keep moisture out

•  200% stronger bond with our TXL Lamination Technology

  1. 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement

•  Quiet! Reduces noise up to 45%

•  Wind resistant up to 200 mph

•  Available in 22 colors

•  No-Nonsense Life-of-the-Home Warranty

Start your dream design now...

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Go one step better than nature with Exteria composite exteriors for your home. Experience the striking options available to inspire you and transform your home into a place even Mother Nature would like to call her own. Make a statement, and the neighbors jealous at the same time. It's easy with the authentic beauty of Exteria cedar and stone replica siding. Experience Exteria today!

Hand Split

Cedar Pride

Rough Sawn

Since our introduction by parent company Plycem in 2014, Allura has been fueled by a single mission: serve customers first. That means innovating on the industry standard. Creating the highest quality product formulations. Developing the vastest color selection available any­where. And making great customer service a priority.

At our Houston, TX headquarters and throughout our manufacturing plants in North Carolina, Indiana and Oregon, we never forget that we work for the people who keep American construction moving not the other way around. So we push harder every single day to meet your needs, to work around challenges and to accommodate the most demanding schedules.

When you choose Allura, you don't just get a finished product that stands the test of time. You get quality, performance and service that stands up to the most important standards: yours.

Shake Sidewall

TruCedar® Shake Sidewall provides the natural beauty of real wood shake without the maintenance. Used as an accent for dormers, peaks, under porches or as a whole house application.

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Board and Batten 6″ & 10″

TruCedar® carbon steel accurately replicates the vertical Craftsman style of board and batten available in wide (10″) and narrow (6″) profiles.

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Single 8″

TruCedar’s outer shell is both anti-corrosive and extremely abrasion resistant featuring this traditional horizontal 8” profile.

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At Alside, our mission is to create successful partnerships with contractors, builders, distributors, and dealers by providing, installing, and servicing industry leading exterior building products and solutions. Our passion is helping our partners create or restore exceptional residential, multi-family, and light commercial structures that are energy-efficient, comfortable, long-lasting, and beautiful for the home.

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